Nurturing tomorrow's leaders today

Inspiring High School Students to become entrepreneurs

The 24Hour Generator is an intentionally inclusive program that leverages a collaborative approach including students, educators, and business leaders to provide an intense experience focused on key developmental objectives:

Develop the vision, enthusiasm, and tenacity needed by entrepreneurs.

Discover personal leadership styles and understand team dynamics.

Leverage the talents of diverse teams to solve real business problems.

Forge relationships, insights and tools to transform ideas into action.


Our Process


The students are divided into teams and assigned both a facilitator and a mentor. Each team is presented with a problem or issue a local organization is facing (the “reverse pitch”) and work together to devise a practical solution.


Using the CO.STARTERS Canvas and framework, the teams and facilitators work through the night and into the following day developing workable strategies to address the challenges they are assigned. 


Teams have three minutes each to pitch their ideas to the audience and a panel of judges.
The team with the best pitch and solution will receive a prize, announced after the keynote address.