Why Entrepreneurship for High School Students?

We believe the future of Huntsville, of Alabama, of America, and of the WORLD depends on our youth being creative thinkers and collaborators that can tackle and solve complex, unstructured problems. Though entrepreneurship can be traced to the very roots of America, it’s not something that’s in the typical school curriculum.  

The entrepreneurial mindset requires initiative, adaptability, resilience, teamwork, problem‐ solving abilities and self‐direction. By participating in this one‐of‐a‐kind competition, these traits will be discovered and nurtured. Even if these students don’t become actual entrepreneurs, the experience will challenge them, which will instill confidence and ambition. 

As a community we are blessed with a strong economy that is fueled by a highly educated workforce, a moderate cost of living, and first-class infrastructure. This is fertile ground for our youth to start and grow businesses but only if we surround our entrepreneurs with a supportive community that can provide connections, mentorship, customers and capital. 

Why do this? Because in a rapidly changing world we need our youth to be prepared to fully embrace and challenge our tomorrow, and also because it’s cool, and with your help, it will be awesome.



Bobby Bradley
Village of Promise
Fundraising co-Chair

Ana Aristizabal
Rocket Hatch
Finance Chair

Ashley Robison

Mary Ramsey
Phocaz & Rocket Hatch
Program Director

Thad Mauldin

Fundraising co-Chair

Antonio Montoya
Rocket Hatch
Marketing Chair



The 24Hour Generator is part of the CO.STARTERS family of entrepreneurship development curricula. The Generator version is a modular toolkit that helps teens explore their passions through generating, testing, and launching ideas. The CO.STARTERS program is being used in over 50 communities across the United States and New Zealand. The CO.STARTERS program is licensed and managed by Rocket Hatch in the Huntsville Metro area.